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what other people think and take care of YOU. It was so bad there was no way to cover them up, and people were always asking what happened to my face (they didnt even think it was acne because they had never seen it that bad)! You can follow Elle who is now a dietitian. Put in the effort and you will be glad you did. Thank you to Nina and Randa for all that you do! This diet is not always easy, especially in our modern environment and culture obsessed with fads and quick-fixes. Clear Skin Diet facebook acne support group. However, when I saw my doctor, she told me that this diet would clear up my skin.

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However, I knew that my acne was very severe and that it took longer for some people, so I stuck with. If you are feeling frustrated because you arent seeing results, dont give up! It took a few months before I began to see any results, and it was discouraging to see other participants in the study announce early on that their skin was clearing. I have a lot of PIH post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation red spots and scars, but the cysts that dermatologists told me would only respond to accutane are gone! I had seen Nina and Randas videos on acne, but I was skeptical that the diet would work for. I had been struggling with acne for years, but it suddenly became a lot worse when disfiguring cysts appeared all over my face (this photo isnt even my skin at its worst).

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