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pretty much permanently on hold throughout your dating pool. San Francisco is a place where adults have toys and action figures on their desks at work, where grown-ups put on onesies and ride Big Wheels, and where it is considered therapeutically appropriate to have a sense of adult play. Seriously, this is one of the only spots in SF where almost all of the men are wearing button-down shirts, and all of the ladies are in business casual dresses with heels. In a good way. Cow Hollow, try your luck at, balboa first, where even if you dont meet someone, youll at least get a great cocktail. And while we would never be so gauche as to say guys like beer and sausage (and therefore there are often lots of guys at Hogwash uh guys like beer and sausage, so you get. Granted, that could be a good or a bad thing. After just an hour there, your beer goggles will be on so firmly that youll definitely make a terrible decision that will only get worse the closer it is to last call. You should definitely join to train for a race and raise money.

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(Beware of cougars, though, unless thats your thing.) Then, head up Fillmore. But be sure to keep your class-, ableness-, or cis-privilege in check. Mauna Loa where the preppy dudes go to play Super Shot and Buck Hunter, but stay to hit on the ladies. Its probably due to the velvet paintings of naked ladies, the red couches, the dim lighting, and, oh right: the pint-sized margaritas. If you really want to score points, describe your sexual orientation by making a hyphenate with the word flexible. And it can remain that, but it can also turn into the kind of bar where you meet a million strangers who also arent actually there to meet anyonewhich sometimes is the best way to go about the whole thing. If its a good thing, move into one of the booths crafted out of old cable car plenty of fish hookup certificate benches to get better acquainted. NOB hill, highbrow meets lowbrow at this unpretentious neighborhood spot where people who arent from the neighborhood come after.m.