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studies, allowing for easy miami beach hookup comparison across time. Before "the, zagat of eastern Canada " released this poster series, we never knew that food could look so x-rated. That trend has held for three decades. What would you add to this list? Not only that, they'll feel cheated, talked down to, or outright patronized.

So scantily-clad women in ads are not going to make the social impact that a hard-hitting political message will. And ever since, brands have purposely linked themselves to suggestive (or downright blatant) sexual imagery in the search for new customers. Men respond to sexual images. Even beer brands are starting to realize that. "In the early 1900s, exposed arms and ankles of female models generated the same level of arousal as partially nude models do today. Modeling sexuality, women are overwhelmingly the vehicles by which advertisers portray sexuality, the researchers found.

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Lest we forget, RadioShack is the go-to destination for phallus-shaped devices. Comment below, or tweet @HuffPostWomen). Because there's apparently nothing sexier than comparing a cheap flight to a woman's shaved labia. No company better epitomizes this than Internet hosting services provider. However, that doesn't mean it can sell anything. What Is Sex in Advertising? This week, Spirit Airlines employed all sorts of vagina jokes in an email alert about discount fares: "Go down" on them because they're "shaving" their fares - hilarious joke, right? Researchers analyzed these ads based on how sexily the models were dressed and whether they were engaging in physical contact, such as kissing or simulated sex, with another model. However, this ad shows how jarring it can be when sexy, sexist advertising is paired with a completely unsexy product. Reichert said this upward trend in erotic ads is a reflection of society.