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target. The general content is what you might expect. The vertical axis is posts-per-day, and the horizontal axis represents every day of August to date. Rhonda Fields, who represents an area near Prairie Middle and including Grandview High, commented on the district's settlement with Vasquez's victims. Sex-wanted ads spiked this week, which happens to coincide with the Democratic National Convention. Operations like this indicate otherwise, said fcps Officer Rob Knab, a member of the Neighborhood Enforcement Team who focuses on regional human trafficking issues. Through a mediator, the school district reached the settlement with the victims, Siegfried's letter said. The essence of What happens here, stays here is adult freedom and empowerment, Vassiliadis said in a telephone interview. With no one to look after and nothing on her schedule, its an opportunity for a working mom to practice self-care, ending with the tagline Rejuvenation happens here.

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Billy Vassiliadis, a partner and CEO of R R Partners, said the What happens here, stays here ads wont go away, but the ad strategists said the new themes are expected to resonate with a different audience. We acknowledge that no amount of money can right the wrongs committed against these students. and "Looking to service a young Democrat." (Most are far more explicit, but unsuitable for our upstanding, discriminating readers. More than half a year after residents in several neighborhoods raised a clarion call to halt a proposed extended-stay lodging facility in south Centennial, the city will now require new hotels to be 303 Marketplace: This week's ads deals. (Technical details: We saved headlines for the posts of each day in August into a text file, and ran the Unix "sort" and "uniq" utilities on each to eliminate duplicate headlines.

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