natural gas dryer hookup

with a 1/2-in. The photo below shows a soft copper line that's kinked and should be replaced. You have to install the flare fitting that's included with the kit. Pressure rating: 1/2 psi maximum, designed, machined and assembled in the USA.

Additional extensions are not required to use a gas dryer.
The main gas service shutoff valve is usually located in the front or side of the house.
However, it may be located in a cabinet enclosure that is built into or located inside the house.
Shut off gas at shutoff valve nearest dryer.
(Off handle perpendicular to gas line).

Pipe exiting the back of the dryer. It's usually located near where the gas line enters the house. Then screw all the parts together to make sure they fit. Replace them with approved ball valves. This immediate action helps avert the potential for a dangerous release of gas into the home. If the fittings don't match, one solution is to replace the valve with one that has a flare fitting on one side and a 1/2-in. Required Materials for this Project Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time.

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A leak-proof joint is formed by the local adult dating perfect fit between the flared end of the tube and the cone-shaped fitting. Steel pipe gas connections Old-Style Gas Valve Old-style gas valves can leak. Fix leaky threaded connections by reapplying pipe joint compound or gas -rated Teflon tape and reassembling the fitting. There are two options. Proper Connections to Steel Pipe, use the fittings shown for safe connections. Female pipe threads on both sides. Photo Credits Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images. If the flare fitting on the flexible stainless gas line matches the size of the flare fitting on the existing gas valve, you can simply screw. Warning If you don't have experience or are concerned with doing this project yourself, contact a utility repair person to hook up your dryer for you.