direct tv component hookup diagram

high a bias voltage will result in a darker than normal picture. you need to check for: Other blown fuses. This is probably one reason why older monitors tended not to be able to expand the picture to totally fill the screen - it is easier to overlook imperfect picture geometry if there is black space between the edges of the picture and the bezel! There may or may not be flashes or blanking of the screen at the same time as the audible noise.

In some cases, it would appear that these resistors fail at full voltage but not when tested with a multimeter. Either of these are possible. Red, green, or blue retrace lines Where only one color is showing, suspect an incorrectly adjusted individual background/bias control or bad part on the CRT neck board for that color. If it is scorching hot after a few minutes, then you need to check the other possibilities. Setup menus will not go away or hieroglyphics on screen Both these problems could be caused by a faulty microcontroller or its associated circuitry.

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